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This page was published in May, 2015 in response to several people who have asked for full file copies from my camera of photos which have been taken in TFP sessions.

“TFP” is an acronym which stands for “Time For Prints”. The term is still commonly used even although these days digital files are usually given, not actual prints.

Arrangements between photographers and the models they photograph vary. For events such as weddings, photographers and clients will generally agree to a certain fee for the photographer’s time and expertise in producing agreed to products. Commercial photography for clients may also include the photographer paying models an agreed to fee to produce certain photographic products. The third most common arrangement is “TFP”.

I don’t shoot weddings, nor do I engage in commercial photographic work. Photography is a passion of mine, and I like to work at it at my own pace when I feel like it. The majority of my shoots have been under a TFP arrangement.

For the last few years what I do at a shoot is take many photographs which I later inspect and choose the ones I plan on editing (enhancing). For every hour I spend shooting I estimate around ten hours are spent n the editing process. File copies of the photographs which have been enhanced are then reduced to a size which is suitable for posting on web sites or sending in emails. These photographs are at 300DPI which is good quality for electronic media. They are not suitable however for enlarging and printing.

A non-obtrusive watermark is also placed on these photographs which are uploaded to a web site. After this has been done I place a relevant link on the Passionate About Photography Facebook page for the models concerned to see and download the photographs they require.

Before I shoot any models in a TFP shoot, I require a Model Release form to be completed and signed. There is a link to the form I use on the left hand side of this web site and all my other photography web sites. Models are welcome to use the files I have produced and placed on the appropriate web site for their web sites and emails, but the copyright to the photographs remain with me. I may use the files to post on Stock Photo sites or I may even use some for books I have published or plan on publishing.

Several models in recent times have asked for the full-size original files of the photographs I have edited to be sent to them. Except for a couple of occasions when special prior arrangements have been made for me to do so, I have not and will not provide the full size file.

Details of prints and other products which can be provided from these files are on this page on another of my web sites. If you would still like the full size file, it can be purchased from a stock photo site to where I have uploaded the file. The main site I use for this is Most Photos.

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