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Subjects I Like to Photograph
What subjects do I like to photograph? Well, the simplistic answer is everything. I have mentioned on the home page of this site that my experience as a photographer extends to well over four decades. However during most of that period I have had full time work in other areas, and I have often had limited time to spend on photography.

As an educator, I know that we all continue learning throughout our lives. Formal education is just a small part of that learning. With regard to photography, I have been on a sharp learning curve over the last two or so years. That corresponds with the time that I stopped working full-time and moved to semiretirement working on a part-time basis only.

There are some photography genres with which I have had little experience. Macro photography is one of these. It was in 2012 that I purchased my first specialised macro lens (a Nikon AF Micro-Nikor 60mm f2.8D) and my R1C1 Nikon Close-up Speedlight Commander Kit. Before that, my macro photography was limited by the use of cheap and nasty screw on close-up filters or spacers.

In addition to having a good working knowledge of lighting, composition and of course cameras and other equipment, a modern photographer in this digital age must also have a good working knowledge of associated software. Through reading, practicing and learning from others, the additional time available to me in recent years has allowed me to become more competent in the above mentioned areas. My photography has improved and I am passionate about it continuing to do so.

So, many subjects, themes, genres that I have not photographed, or have photographed to a limited extent, are on my “to do” list. We learn by extending ourselves and being placed outside of our comfort zones.

Commercial Photography
I am not a commercial photographer, and I have no intention of becoming one. However, I am listed on some web sites as being a semiprofessional, and I do consider myself to be at least that, if not a professional.

To save confusion it is probably important that we come to terms with terms. What is a “professional”? My understanding of and use of the term “professional” is; “A person who has achieved an acclaimed level of proficiency in a calling or trade”. Others may include earning an income within the definition of professional.

There have been occasions that I have been asked if I would photograph weddings and some other commercial events. With a few exceptions, I have refused to do so. Working commercially in an area requires responsibilities to be taken such as working within a fixed time frame and so on. If I accepted those responsibilities, then photography would become “work” to me. As a passion, I can work at my own pace doing whatever when I feel like doing it. A quick search will generally show that there are many photographers available who specialise in various areas.

However, I have photographed some events without any payment being made to me under different arrangements. If you have an event you would like photographed in my geographic area of operation (southeast Queensland), and you would like to chat with me about it, then by all means contact me.

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