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This jumping crocodile I photographed in a Northern Territory river a few years ago. I was safely in a boat traveling up the river with a thick window of glass between the croc and me and my camera.

Crew on the top deck of the boat hang large pieces of wild pig on ropes tied to a long pole. The crocs appear out of nowhere in the murky water and “jump” to get the meat.

termite mound resized

There are many different species of termites found in Australia. Some in the Northern Territory build these huge homes for themselves over many years. The bloke in the red shirt and protruding belly in this photo is me, and I am over six feet tall. This should give you an indication of the size of these huge colonies.

Golden-orb weaving spider

Golden-orb weaving spiders are large spiders which build giant webs. They are fairly common in my part of the world. Often when I am driving up my driveway at night, I drive through these spider’s web which are attached to trees either side of my driveway.

This particular specimen I photographed from the top of the Kangaroo Point cliffs on the south bank of the Brisbane river.

Old Boat

Manly is a bay-side suburb near Brisbane. I came across this old boat beside its broken jetty down one of the quiet streets of Manly and thought it was worth a photograph.

Mt Tamborine Parrots

Australia is well known for its many species of beautiful parrots. These attractive fellows were photographed on the verandah of the Polish Cafe on Mt Tamborine, just a short drive from where I live.

Two two-year old

Two two-year olds. River, a cute two-year old girl being held by her mother on their quiet two-year old race horse. Photo taken on a property on the Darling Downs in Queensland.

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