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Shooting in South East Queensland
If you are reading this, live in the south east corner of Queensland and you are interested in being shot, photographically speaking, please contact me. I have not, and do not charge models for shooting them; photography is a passion of mine, not my job.

However, I do expect a signed Model Release form from every recognisable person before publishing any photograph of them on any photo library site, including my own. If easily recognisable property, such as paintings or unique buildings, are in any photograph, I also require a signed Property Release form.

The release forms are PDF documents which can be downloaded by clicking on the links above or on the links at the left hand side of every page of this web site.

If you plan on having an event of any description that you may like to have photographed, then I would be interested in hearing from you.

Contacting Ian McKenzie
If you are on Facebook, Messenger or a Personal Message would be an appropriate way to contact me. Alternatively if you are an actor or a model on Starnow, you could use their messaging facility which I check regularly.  

 Starnow     facebook

Another alternative is to use the telephone. A text message is preferred. I live in an area which is mostly out of range and most calls do not come through, text messages seem to eventually.

My mobile phone number is 0403 543 827



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