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It is curious all the things that we take for granted. Young people today have grown up with the internet, mobile phones and many other technological advances which have been made in recent years.

I remember just a few years ago being in the staff room of a tertiary education institute when the intranet became unavailable. As well as complaining, one member of staff went home because he couldn’t do any work without the intranet. Prior to 1992 there was no World Wide Web, let alone having any intranets. How did we ever get on before then?

For me, it is great to be in the 21st Century with the constant advances in technology. Personally, I spend many hours each week, (OK, each day even), on the internet and/or using software programs for photography and other purposes.

What advances will be here for us a few years down the track is something for us all to look forward to.

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